I’m Now More Bullish For BAT

So recently Google just announced their earnings their quarterly earnings after hours and it turned out to be really bad actually one of the worst quarters they ever had and revenue was down by about a billion dollars okay it freaked out everyone they tank after hours and yesterday during normal hours they were down about 8 percent and it got CNBC talking about it.

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Now there’s a couple things that I want to talk about first is to click to pay ads that hasn’t been performing okay and there’s a couple reasons for that one is it’s just too saturated I even saw this about a month ago I don’t know I don’t know if they anticipated earnings could be light but do you guys notice on videos now at the beginning there’s two pre-roll ads before was just one that you can wait or skip now there’s two that you have to wait or skip so that’s getting annoying right also just people are bombarded with ads everywhere right and people hate in that’s why people start using like brave browser or a Chrome extension that that has an ad blocker and basic blocks everything because we’re just having Barta with click click to pay ads so that’s number one why it’s down number two of which is significant they mentioned this the EU passed a new law new copyright law that’s very serious that YouTube and Google is taking very serious and that is anything that’s a copyright infringement right before in the past.

whoever filed that that infringement can go after the person to have uploaded the video usually it’s a strike or something to ask them to take it down but if  it’s like a legal copy of a movie or something you could go after them for monetary damages now that knew long you actually says that the publisher or the content creator can go after not only the person who uploaded it but also the site that that it’s uploaded on which means that they can actually sue YouTube and Google okay so if a big movie maker actually comes out with the film let’s say Avengers and it gets leaked they’ve gets put on YouTube for whatever reason right the movie studios Hollywood could go after Google for that not only the person posting it but Google itself and that’s why Google is taking a really harsh steps on videos with copyright infringement and just even clips and hearing that so obviously that’s gonna affect the revenue a little bit you’re a but overall right how this is relate to basic intention token and BAT.

So those of you guys aren’t from bat is basically trying to solve Digital advertisement through the use of their brave browser which I am using now brave browser is an excellent browser to its alternative to Chrome right created by the co-founder of Firefox Brian and Brendan Eich and he’s a very capable leader also the founder of JavaScript it is a very fast lightweight browser it could do everything in blocks it blocks ads by default it also retains your privacy it does not share data with Google or anyone else ok so right off the bat the brave browser if you care about nothing else it’s a great alternative to Chrome or Firefox but then they have that ad revenue and model built on top of that now the ad model that layers on top of that is interesting because this is the first time in industry okay that a user can now get paid for viewing ads.

You we being bombarded with ads and no one wants it everyone wants to block it well now you have the option to view it but you get paid for you get paid in bat tokens this is the first time in industry in an in the invention since the invention of internet that we have seen something like this okay so what does this mean that means a lot more people are probably gonna be willing to come on brave and look at ads utilizing brave browser then say chrome or any anyone else right and what does this mean for advertisers and publishers it also means that advertisers gets more results right before our advertisers would pay a ton to get ads out but if everyone’s blocking it it’s not very effective s advertisers now will probably flock to this ad model because they know that the users are actually viewing it right it’s targeted it’s direct and they’re viewing it so they’re probably go see more results and in terms of the publishers they also get rewarded like me as a content creator I’m a publisher right I could get tipped from the users which is great and this is something else that you can’t do with any other system if you’re using Chrome right and you see a good website good content crater that you want a tip because you think they’re doing a good job you can’t do that you could do that with basic attention token and brave all right so I think going forward right obviously it’s still early Google is still one of the top three tech companies in the world so this is not this is not the start of Armageddon for them but it can be it can be the start it does show that digital advertising is not as as easy as it seemed even someone like Google could struggle right and that’s where basic attention token and brave as they’re getting more and more attention adoption who knows who knows if they could become the next Google okay it’s quite interesting and also and me just me my thinking speculation you know what I think they’re a great acquisition turn look at someone like Microsoft.

Microsoft is by market cap the world’s largest tech company and world largest company in general their browser failed ever since internet explorer they have failed okay they’re new they’re they’re their new browser is not used everyone is using Chrome okay so they’re really struggling you know what they also have an ad model right with Bing ads or they call them Microsoft ads now that that is not successful they have a search engine that’s not successful so overall they’re losing to Google so who knows Microsoft might pick up basic attention token bat okay it’ll be next to nothing for them in terms of how much money they have and how much they can offer but anything about this they’re getting a very good browser right and they get an ad model or yeah they get an ad model that they can integrate they utilize and who knows that might be a perfect marriage and of course it’s go help it’s gonna help the cryptocurrency community and obviously BAT in a big way although a lot of you guys may not like that but who knows there might be there might there might be suitors okay there might be suitors that want to really take advantage and grab them up while they’re still cheap alright guys

The Next Wave Of Crypto Enthusiasts Will Buy Into Cheap Looking Cryptos


This is the conversation I imagine many newcomers will have in the cryptocurrency sphere during the next heavy bull season. Bitcoin will eventually break above the current period of sideways trading and will certainly find some stability above the $15,000 level. At this time, we will see another wave of newcomers that will enter into the cryptocurrency industry – due to the media hype every time Bitcoin increases, however, these newcomers will see Bitcoin at $15,000 and will look elsewhere to place the investment they had planned for cryptocurrency.

I can imagine the same mistakes of the past occurring again – exactly like a cycle. These newcomers will start to sift through the top 50 cryptocurrency projects and come across cryptocurrencies such as XRP, IOTA, and Cardano. When an uneducated investor sees the individual token price for projects like XRP or IOTA , they immediately think that incredible gains are available on the table.

“These tokens are less than $1 and Bitcoin is $15,000? I am going to BE RICH!!!”

Whilst it is true that XRP is trading around $0.25 at this current moment in time, it is NOT true that XRP will EVER get anywhere near the same token price as Bitcoin. This is not because XRP (or IOTA or ADA) is technically inferior to Bitcoin, it is largely due to a little concept known as Token Economics.

The Amount Of Circulation Determines The Token Price

It is extremely sad to see investors come into crypto without taking the time required for them to do some basic research. When it comes to investing in anything, it is always very important to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and not rely on the “tips” you read of news blogs and the Twitter Universe.

Looking at a coin that is under $1 and thinking it is “cheap” is a recipe for disaster. Token Economics helps to explain the reason why 1 BTC is priced at $10,000 and 1 XRP is priced at $0.25. The fact that XRP is priced lower than BTC does not mean that XRP may not be bigger than BTC one day. Token Economics dictates that the circulating supply of a token is one major factor to determining the price of the asset.

BTC currently has a current circulation of around 17.8 million BTC, with a total supply limit of only 21 million BTC. At a price of $10,300, the total market cap of the Bitcoin market is around $185 billion. In comparison, XRP has BILLIONS (42 BILLION to be precise) of tokens in circulation! It is currently priced around $0.25 with a market cap of $10.9 billion. It becomes immediately apparent why coins under $1 are not always “cheap” by looking at the circulating supply.

History Repeats Itself – That’s Just How It Goes

The saying proves itself to be true, time and time again! Regardless of the wealth of information out there about investing in cryptocurrencies, there will be a wave of newcomers who will feel slightly “cheated” after going through the novice investment strategy outlined above. This happened in 2017 when every “cheap” looking coin under $1 was on a rocket ship heading toward the “moon”. However, once people started to understand that the coins were not “cheap” – the panic started to set in.

A Catch 22

This is a very tricky situation. On one hand, we can just invest in these cryptocurrencies today and sit and wait for these newcomers to come and “pump” the market. However, on the other hand, there are investors coming into the market that are going to get hurt, once again. This does not help the sentiment of cryptocurrency overall throughout the long term and will help to slow down adoption. It is just a shame that these newcomers do not spend the required time to educate themselves before taking the dive and investing in these “cheap” looking coins.

We will have to wait for altseason to kick-off as Bitcoin continues to dominate the market with a 69% market dominance. However, we could consider every single altcoin “cheap” at this moment in time which would certainly help to capitalize on any potential profits that are on the way when altseason begins!

Latest Price Analysis : TRON , Bitcoin Cash , Stellar , Dogecoin and Cardano(ADA)

Tron takes a Steep Upward Movement; TRX Price Hovers Around $0.016




Tron has been enduring long enough in the crypto showcase. The money attempted to improve, yet every time it attempts to move, there comes a pullback. The aftereffect of the equivalent acquired a sensational fall TRX cost. The brokers managing in TRX coin were crushed by the misfortune. The equivalent caused a generous misfortune in market top, and along these lines, the cash tumbled from tenth situation to fourteenth situation in the rundown of top cryptographic forms of money. Indeed, today, there has been a great deal of progress in the cost. The upward development has spiked the expectation of progress and development in TRX.

Tron Value Investigation and Forecasts

Recently, the cash began the day at $0.015607. The upswing in the market took the TRX coin to $0.015786 by 1.13%. There was a quick fall in value, which brought Tron to $0.015346 by 2.79%. The day shut with a slight movement of 1.04% at $0.0157. Today, there was a heightening in the coin. The value counters changed from $0.015759 to $0.016222 by 2.94%.

Tron had a grand first 50% of 2019 and it was likewise mirrored an ideal energy. After a gigantic drop, the notoriety of Tron has declined. To recover its position of authority, Tron needs to keep the upswing tight and bring back the force. TRX coin is at present managing at a market top of 1,071,015,769 USD. The return on initial capital investment of TRX is at 683.02%.

There is a solid plausibility that TRX coin could close the year around 0.020 USD. Tron would be best with momentary venture.


Stellar Intraday Trading could bring Positive Results; XLM Hovers Around $0.058



The market opened with a downtrend today. Soon after a couple of hours, there was a slight improvement in the coins’ costs. We are anticipating that constantly end, the theoretical upsurge would likewise occur. Outstanding (XLM) is on a similar way. The cash began with a misfortune and is reflecting positive indications of transforming into benefit. The most recent few days have been very noteworthy for Excellent. Merchants are keen on the coin like never before.

Outstanding Value Examination

On the off chance that we take a gander at Outstanding value development since yesterday, it is showing a slight upsurge. Recently, XLM began with an unpredictable development. The cost slipped from $0.05899 to $0.05832 by 1.13%. There was a prompt recuperation in the XLM cost. The counters bounced to $0.05922 by 1.53%. Afterward, the XLM coin cost dropped by and by and came to from $0.05931 to $0.05806 by 2.10%. Towards the part of the bargain, the cost changed from $0.05836 to $0.05927 with a movement of 1.56%. The day shut with a moderate intraday benefit of 0.14% at $0.05868. Today, there was a comparable development as yesterday. To begin with, Outstanding cost hopped from $0.05868 to $0.05919 by 0.88%. Further, the money slipped from $0.05919 to $0.05839 by 1.36%. Be that as it may, XLM has by and by begun recouping.

The dealers are as of now dazzled by the force of Excellent. The market top is at 1,178,942,347 USD. The 24-hour volume of Outstanding is 169,319,469 USD. There are 20,084,644,343 XLM coins as of now coursing in the market. The return for capital invested remains at 1872.61%.

The eventual fate of Outstanding Lumens may bring the dealers a gigantic benefit. It is foreseen that XLM may cross $0.073 before the year’s over. The cash appears to be encouraging for the long haul dealers as it would present to them the normal outcome.


Will Bitcoin Cash Price Go on An Upward Swing?




Bitcoin Money cost has experienced a great deal of varieties because of the continuous bearish conclusion in the crypto showcase. Be that as it may, the value pattern in the course of recent days has given the speculators some motivation to grin as the cost however under bear weight has still figured out how to move over the gauge. The cost of Bitcoin Money has been fluctuating in the scope of $293 – $310, showing that BCH coin is attempting to move upwards.

Bitcoin Money Value Examination and Conjecture

The cost of BCH coin has seen a great deal of varieties with the bears ceaselessly putting weight on its cost in the course of recent days. In any case, the Bitcoin Money cost has figured out how to hold its ground in the course of the last 2-3 days and has been rising. From a high of $306.3095 on September 10, the value tumbled to $293.9935 on the following day to the degree of 4.01%. On September 12, BCH value figured out how to make a recuperation at $301.5392 to the tune of 2.49%. Be that as it may, once more, inside a day, Bitcoin Money went down to $297.5062 to the degree of 1.29%. From here, BCH value began moving upwards and came to $309.6053 on September 16 to the tune of 4.07%. Today the cost has fallen marginally to $307.3630, fall being to the degree of 1.04%.

Bitcoin Money cost had a moderate opening toward the start of the year, and it proceeded with this flattish pattern till April. From April, the bulls dominated and the cost flooded the upward way till the part of the bargain. At that point, the bears set in the crypto showcase and switched things around for Bitcoin Money and the value began going downwards. Presently, BCH cost is as yet reeling under bear weight yet to some degree demonstrating a steady run. The momentary pattern is relied upon to be bearish and the cost is required to move upwards continuously end.

Long haul financial specialists should clutch their speculations as the present market situation may not give much returns. Transient speculators ought to contribute just at their very own hazard.



Dogecoin’s Stability is at a Toss; Loses 1.5% Overnight




Dogecoin loses 1.5% over the most recent 24 hours.

The effect may not keep going long; obstruction may come at 0.002548 USD.

Dogecoin has gotten a major blow after yesterday’s fall of many significant coins. It is somewhere around practically 1.5% over the most recent 24 hours, and the four value swings made the scale look unpredictable. Be that as it may, the medium-term standpoint may get bullish.

Dogecoin to USD Value Investigation

The main swing occurred between 00:21 UTC and 12:05 UTC and this swing deducted 0.0001 USD from Dogecoin. At 12:05 UTC, DOGE was being exchanged at 0.0023 USD, the absolute bottom for the afternoon. Afterward, in the following 24 minutes, it got climbed by 8.91% and arrived at 0.00254080 USD, the top purpose of Dogecoin for the afternoon. Be that as it may, this high figure couldn’t be continued for long, and it took another drop by 8.30% and contacted 0.00233029 USD by 20:09 UTC. The last swing for DOGE occurred somewhere in the range of 20:09 and 04:46 UTC of today. This swing had a break at 0.00248252 USD, and it gave a general climb of 5.24%.

Dogecoin Value Forecast

Dogecoin might be viewed as a generally stablecoin, however this time the market log jam appears to have affected it profoundly. Be that as it may, this circumstance won’t keep going for long. In the medium-term, it is probably going to get a value rally. The following obstruction may come at 0.002548 USD.


Cardano Fails to Retain its Fort; May Seek the Support at $0.045 Soon



Cardano loses 0.5% over the most recent 24 hours.

The following help for Cardano may come at 0.045 USD.

Cardano couldn’t stand the overwhelming weight applied from the market and lost practically a large portion of a percent over the most recent one day. It is currently wandering around 0.047 USD. The three value swings of Cardano had an exchanging range between 0.047 USD and 0.045 USD.

ADA to USD Value Examination:

Cardano’s first swing began around 01:54 UTC and in the following 11 hours and 9 minutes, it lost 4.31% and got set at 0.045663 USD, the least of the day. Afterward, it got fortified by 3.96% and made it to exchange around 0.0474666 USD by 21:38 UTC. Later it began falling towards the end of the day. Between 21:38 UTC and 04:58 UTC, it slice 1.04% to contact 0.046973 USD. This fall had a break at 0.046882 USD.

Cardano Value Forecast:

Cardano has begun the value remedy procedure like every single other coin and in the following couple of days, it might need to endure more. The following help may come at 0.045 USD. In any case, the medium-term of Cardano is probably going to be bullish.

A Good Possible Scenario For EOS

We are accumulated EOS in this area 3880 – 4020


In the short term we can see a small accumulation in that area.


The problem that we present in this graphic time per hour is that the indicators begin to show an overbought zone. That is why we must enter cautiously and manage stop loss.


The daily graph shows a resistance in the 4000 being tested. So in order to make a profit it is necessary to break that barrier.


On the side of the indicators in that graphic time, they show us a neutral tuning. With this we can have a little confidence to evaluate an excellent entry.

The price triggered in recent days because of the rumor of the next hard fork that will happen from here to 10 days, as announced cointelegraph.

Sell targets and stop loss only for Premium Members.

See you in the next story.

Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Hasn’t Reached Mass Adoption

Figuring out how many people use cryptocurrencies in the world is impossible because of the anonymity of blockchains. Several institutions across the globe have done studies and research to try figure this out coming up with different data and criteria for this help reach a conclusion. The latest numbers that have come out for 2019 suggest between 0.2% to 0.4% of the world population use cryptocurrency. Personally, I feel it’s a bit more than that but then again I’m not the expert. So for the purpose of this article let’s be generous and say 1% of the world population uses cryptocurrencies. That is roughly 75 Million users out of a global population of 7.5 Billion.

Even as only 1% of the world population uses crypto it has managed to capture a market cap of over $260 Billion, only about a third of its all-time high ($810 Billion) a year ago. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) alone has a market cap of $30 Trillion as of Feb 2018. The NYSE trades stocks for a select few companies, roughly 2800 companies. Relatively only a few individuals and companies in the world have access to trading on the NYSE and have to do so through a brokerage company, paying a commission fee each time they buy or sell.

Financial Institutions

Let’s start from the top of the list and make our way down.

  • US treasury – controls all the printing and minting of currency in the country. It manages government revenue, collects all federal taxes through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), licenses and watches over banks and advises the government on the collection and spending of the country’s economy. (Wikipedia) On the back of the dollar bill, the US treasury would be the all-seeing eye of the economy. It is no coincidence that a pyramid with the eye is pictured, because this economy or financial system is a pyramid scheme.


  • Banks – are the connectors of this fiat system. They’re an extension of the treasury, governing the economy through various instruments. They bridge the gap between local and global economies, providing a central hub for all markets. Citizens are then encouraged to store their life savings here or on similar regulated institutions, which the US treasury has oversight of. Banks are a far inferior form of storing value as compared to other alternatives that’s why the rich rarely save money in banks. Rates in banks are low and in most cases peoples monies end up losing value due to inflation. Banks do however offer more favorable rates to high net-worth individuals as incentives to bank with them.


  • Stock/securities exchanges – are a playground for the rich. This is where the rich get richer by buying stocks (shares) of companies to potentially increase their wealth further. Although in general this is a winning proposition long term because this market is ever growing in value. Investing through brokerages has the advantage of presenting high value performing assets even to the amateur investor. The general public doesn’t have access to these exchanges as the requirements for entry are expensive for the ordinary folk. Thus the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer because of the difference in opportunities afforded each class.

The US treasury, banks, stock/securities exchanges, brokerages etc. handle enormous amounts of money every single day. The US has a GDP of $20 Trillion, that includes personal consumption, business investments, government spending and exports. All that money is taxed and runs through one of the above mentioned institutions. The average person is extremely lucky even if a single dollar from that ‘trickled-down‘ to them. Rather, a more common occurrence, is their hard-earned money trickling up instead.

Clearly then, cryptocurrencies are the answer to rid tyranny off the global population. Crypto is all-inclusive, doesn’t discriminate based on country of residence, income level or political status. Everyone is welcomed. On top of that it doesn’t charge you high transaction fees, no middle-men are needed, and gives you complete control over your finances without anyone tracking every dollar you spend and taxing you. Your savings are no longer affected by inflation by centralized authorities such as the US treasury. Why then haven’t people transitioned to a clearly better system?

Lack of Knowledge

Truth is, the general public is unaware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. In fact, many don’t even realize that there’s a problem with the current system or simply don’t care. The masses are always the people who are happy with the status quo and see no reason to change things. They’re unaware that most of their problems are caused by this financial system and understandably so. We are not taught economy in schools, how it works and why it is a subject that’s almost as important as religion. Money fuels the modern world and he who controls it, controls that world. Famous historical banker, Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1812), once said:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

This German Jewish banker knew it back then that money makes the world go ‘round, not the laws. You can issue all the laws you want but most people will choose to follow the money. That fact still remains true today. To make things worse, the people that control the money also control the laws; and everything in-between. Masters at masking the influence they have over the population and the control over its functions. For us, educating the population requires that cryptocurrency, or at least the technology it runs on, to outperform current systems and functions. Blockchain technology must be much more efficient to a point where its applications in the real world cannot be ignored.

So to limit organic growth of these blockchain systems, our rulers have used some of their weapons try and prevent this from happening. One of those is to limit the funding of blockchain businesses and making it difficult for them to operate in the country. There are two other major vehicles used by the rulers to spread their propaganda. Namely, the government and the mainstream media.


The government uses its authority to impose laws upon its citizens. In the case of cryptocurrency, strict laws have been placed on it to discourage people from investing or even using this technology. They associate crypto with criminal behaviors of all sorts and stifle its innovation all in the guise of protecting its citizens.

As you can imagine this makes it tough for blockchain businesses to operate in such an environment, forcing them out. Some of the best tech talent in the world are in countries like the US which builds some of the best tech companies in the world. That talent however is slowly seeping into more crypto friendly nations such as Malta, Singapore, and Japan.

The government’s desire to protect themselves from this paradigm shift is only going to make things worse for them in the future. They cannot stop this new decentralized system but can only slow it down. It’s either they quickly learn to adapt or they’ll fall behind to the countries that are embracing this technology.

Monopolized Mainstream Media

The ruling class uses their domination on media to influence the peoples thoughts and behaviors. Mainstream media is a global propaganda machine and it’s even worse in countries like the US and China. Citizens in these countries are bombarded with so much of this programming to a point where they have no references/knowledge outside this medium.

Right now the mass media narrative is that crypto is bad. To spread this narrative, they unfairly expose all the bad things happening with cryptocurrencies but rarely ever show the good and this is all the public sees. The ruling class profits from diverting peoples attention from reality through alternate Hollywood manufactured realities on TV screens.

Dare to ask citizens about realities outside pop culture and you’ll be shocked at how ignorant they come across. I too, like these people, was trapped in a system I couldn’t see, smell or touch. Fortunately, the rebel in me was always searching for answers different from the ones I was being spoon fed. I became an avid follower of alternative/independent media and from there learned about Bitcoin in 2016. I turned off the TV and never looked back except for when keeping track of what the government or ruling class is up to.

Google, Facebook and Twitter once banned crypto related ads in a move to stop its tracks in gaining popularity. So far they’ve managed to limit the information received by the general public. If you’ve never searched for ‘crypto’ or other related topics, then it’s unlikely to show up on your social feeds or Google suggestions. Interestingly enough, most people usually come across Bitcoin when it’s being advertised on those internet ‘get rich quick scheme’ ads. Further affirming the bad things they’ve been taught about it. Can you blame them?

Alternative media usually steps in to educate the masses about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. To date alternative media accounts had been shadow banned on social medias, had videos/channels terminated on YouTube, and even sued or charged by the SEC for promoting “illegal” activities. They’ve made it hard for alternative media to thrive, relegating them to depend on community donations to survive. So now its a bit of a slow pace reaching out to new audiences. One person at a time, we’ll get there. As we all know once you crypto you can never go back.

Luckily, we have, on our side, something much more efficient in reaching out to new audiences and one we should never forget, not even for a second. That is, the technology itself.

Mass Applications

All we need to gain mass adoption is mass applications. We cannot have mass adoption if the infrastructure they’ll depend on can’t support them. An infrastructure than can handle millions of transactions at single time is our challenge right now. If we can succeed on this front then all the other dominoes will fall as well. We have different blockchains competing to get there first – Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, among many others.

Bitcoin failed us in 2017 when there was a huge surge in users that saw the market cap to explode by 15x within a single year and the price more than 20x during the same period. This was followed by a massive pull-back as a result of slow and expensive transactions in a congested network. We’re still recovering til this day.

Ethereum also failed us in 2018 when the biggest game on the blockchain was gaining popularity. The surge is users to the game caused the Ethereum blockchain to slow down to a halt and transactions couldn’t be confirmed in a reasonable span of time.

EOS is failing at acquiring new users quickly because of the necessity to buy an account. People aren’t accustomed to paying to join a platform let alone to a space their not familiar with.

I went into further details about the challenges these blockchains currently have in scaling for mass adoption and past failures to successfully do so. Check out ‘The story of why Bitcoin and Ethereum forked; and why EOS can’t.

Therefore it is a first priority that the infrastructure of these blockchains is solid before there can be aggressive marketing to the general population. It is when we have a mass application similar to Facebook, Uber, or Fortnite run on the blockchain that we can expect people to adopt the tech without thinking twice. Not only will these be mass applications but they’ll be much better because of blockchain technology integration. Everything is verifiable, impossible to cheat, censorship free, secure etc. At this point we’ll blow all competition out the water.

Gaming is will be much much better on a blockchain! Traditional systems for gaming won’t be able to keep up with the pace of blockchain technology. Communication is instant and isn’t on a central point of operations, making it less susceptible to hacks or DDoS attacks. Online gaming especially can become a real beast on the blockchain.

Virtual Reality is a pain in the ass when run on centralized servers because of the immense resources it consumes but on a decentralized blockchain with hundreds of servers all over the world, VR support becomes a breeze.

Social media will never be the same again. Only on a blockchain can you have users own their data. On top of that they can have an in-app currency worth real value which grows the more the network grows.

Payments are more secure, faster, immutable and private. The blockchain has lower transaction fees and some instances ZERO. Middlemen who charge commission fees are eliminated and no more inflation by the treasury or unfair rates from banks.

It’s a no-brainer! This system is all-inclusive, doesn’t discriminate and everyone, rich or poor, has equal access to the network. It’s only a matter of time before people start rushing through the gates to part of this great innovation and when that happens we will be well prepared this time around. Just remember your assets and accounts aren’t yours if you don’t control the private keys.

To conclude…

Before we get there though we all have to do our part. Coders are building the infrastructure, developers are building the applications, users are testing these applications out. Only the best of all these survive and those that fail go back to the drawing board having learned from the experience. Competition is tough and the ecosystem can be unforgiving. We’re faced with many challenges even outside the blockchain and in the real world. However we can all contribute to our communities in this space by bringing in new people, friends, family and anyone who’ll listen. Help them get started, create an account for them and even send them their first tokens, they’ll be grateful for it later. Everyone remembers their first.

Writing this article here doesn’t have much of an impact unless it is shared with friends and family on social media who aren’t as involved as you are in this space. We have to keep growing and moving forward as we all contribute to the success of these applications. I know they’re thousands of people who waiting for an opportunity like Publish0x and guess what, this is where they’ll learn about crypto even further.

Thank you for reading all the way through. It wasn’t my intention to write a long article but once I started the passion took over and I had to write it all down.

I write frequently here about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, so if you’re interested subscribe and follow me on social media. I contribute articles for EOSGo which I only share on my Twitter handle. These are EOS articles that go in-depth about its blockchain and the awesome applications that run on it. Everything else I post on here.

Until the next one,


Review of 0xWarrior ! ETH TRON EOS Multichain game!

This is an entertaining game based on different blockchain, is really interesting this concept of multichain, where you can connect different wallets, on the same platform, and in this case applied to a game.

The game consists of leveling up fighting against other players, when leveling up the features can be increased to have more life, intelligence, dexterity, plus that the characters for each new level, gain a skill that can be increased to a maximum of level 3.

This fun game has tournaments in which you can win prizes in eth, eos, tron, and items that can be exchanged or sold!

The game has a shop to buy items in the different blockchain, such as eos, eth and tron.

The characters can die, but the objects stay in the bag, only the objects that you have earned or bought.

You can have a large number of characters and play and try to level them up to have backups in case they die.

As you can see the fights are dynamic, a video simulation of what the battle would be like.

What Is EOS? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding EOS]

EOS is one of the top cryptocurrencies, and it was also one of the biggest ICOs in the history of crypto. The project is often dubbed as a ‘more scalable’ or ‘better’ Ethereum by its supporters. Different from Ethereum that previously utilized Proof of Work (now transitioning to Proof of Stake), EOS utilize DPoS or Delegated Proof of Stake.

Along with some other improvements compared to Ethereum, EOS core developers often tout the ability of its blockchain network to be more scalable and usable for real-life implementation of decentralized applications. So, what is EOS exactly? Let’s learn more about EOS, its history, and how it works compared to the competitors in the blockchain industry.

History of EOS

Image source: https://eos.io/

EOS launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017, and the ICO stayed for a full year until June 2018. EOS project was created by a team called Block.one. Block.one CEO Brendon Blumer was previously involved in different projects such as in real estate business and even in MMORPG business. Meanwhile, Block.one CTO Dan Larimer was involved in Steem and BitShares. Dan Larimer is the original founder of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) concept which is now used by many other cryptocurrency projects and not just EOS. Due to all these notable achievements, Dan Larimer actually has more fame than Brendon Blumer in the eyes of crypto community.

The ICO itself was a huge success. EOS successfully sold 1 billion tokens and raised over $4 billion USD in the long-year ICO. It was considered the most successful ICO in the history of cryptocurrencies. After the launch of the mainnet, EOS has successfully attracted people’s attention, and now it has a lot of strong support from different crypto communities.

The Purpose of EOS

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The main purpose of EOS is to build a much more scalable, faster, and more efficient version of Ethereum. In other words, EOS is designed to be the all-in-one decentralized apps (dApps) solution in the blockchain world. EOS core developers often see EOS as the only way for blockchain mainstream adoption because other dApps platforms are not scalable as EOS.

With DPoS consensus algorithm and security model, EOS believes its blockchain will be both secure and fast enough to support real-life finance applications.

For your information, DPoS stands for Delegated Proof of Stake. Different from standard Proof of Stake (PoS), DPoS only needs 21 block producers in the network. These 21 block producers get voted in by EOS token holders. The idea is that it takes a much shorter time for each transaction to be approved by 21 block producers. With Proof of Work or standard Proof of Stake, you need hundreds or even thousands of people agreeing to the same transaction.

That’s why DPoS is much more scalable and much faster than more traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And with a ‘better’ consensus algorithm, the hope is that the blockchain can support a mass amount of transactions.

EOS and Scalability

Block.one team often boast EOS scalability to support thousands of transactions per second (TPS). Well, according to EOS Network Monitor, EOS’ maximum transaction per second is 3996. That’s much higher than both Ethereum and Bitcoin. While some of the newer blockchain platforms can achieve even more TPS than EOS but at least EOS has a working product and real dApps inside the network. It’s already tested and proven.

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EOS and Controversies

Unfortunately, EOS is not one of those “good guys” stories without any controversy. EOS has been involved in various headlines due to controversies. One of the biggest controversies happened when the famous late night host John Oliver attacked Brock Pierce in one of his segments. Brock Pierce was well-known for his works in the crypto industry, and he made significant contributions to the EOS project. He was one of the early advisors to the Block.one team.

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According to John Oliver, Brock Pierce was involved in the Hollywood pedophile ring scandal. After the whole story blew up in the mainstream media, Block.one team decided to cut off all relationships with Brock Pierce. Brock Pierce name couldn’t be found anywhere in EOS official website nor in EOS youtube videos ever since.

The controversy about EOS does not stop just at Brock Pierce. The project itself has been criticized many times due to its huge ICO funding. Many people have been questioning if Block.one really needed billions of dollars to start EOS. Many newer blockchain platforms could have achieved what EOS has been doing with a much smaller capital.

Another controversy worth to be discussed is when Block.one announced the launch of a new social media platform called Voice. This new social media will be built on top of EOS blockchain. The announcement about Voice was met with skepticism, and many crypto enthusiasts accuse Dan Larimer (CTO of Block.one) for trying to reinvent the wheel and overhype the announcement. Dan Larimer was the co-founder of Steemit, and these skeptics believe Dan is just trying to create another Steemit but this time it will be on the top of EOS blockchain.

The Role of EOS token In The Blockchain

Talking about EOS blockchain feels incomplete if we skip the part of the native token itself. Well, after all, EOS gained popularity because they successfully sold a billion of EOS tokens. So, let’s talk more about the token and its role in EOS blockchain.

First of all, EOS token is the native cryptocurrency in the EOS blockchain. The biggest use cases for EOS token are to be used as network resources and dApp creation. Developers who are interested in creating a dApp on EOS blockchain will need to loan some resources such as bandwidth. On the other hand, EOS token holders who have more than enough EOS tokens can allocate their bandwidth to these developers.

Apart from network resources and dApp creation, people also need to use EOS tokens to send their votes to the network. To start voting, the users need to stake their EOS tokens for three days. The influence one EOS token holder has on the network is proportional to the number of EOS tokens that he owns.

Working Products And Adoption:

EOS is one of the most successful dApp platforms on the market. Together with Ethereum and Tron, EOS dApps have been the most active, according to dappradar.com. Most of the successful dApps on EOS are usually about videogames and gambling websites. Some notable EOS dApps are EOS Knights, EOS Dynasty, and Hold’em Poker King. There are also some decentralized exchanges on EOS such as NewDex.

From the three top EOS dApps alone, there have been more than 1 million transactions in the past seven days at the time of this post writing. It seems EOS has been doing well in comparison to most other dApp platforms.

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Apart from the decent success in the dApps market, EOS also tries to enter the social media platform as we have mentioned above. Block.one team is creating ‘Voice’ to compete directly with social media giant, none other than Facebook itself. While the competition will be hard but Block.one team has enough resources to create a really good social network app. If Voice successfully gains some market shares in the social network market, it will be considered a huge win for EOS and even for the entire blockchain industry.

From crypto exchanges perspective, EOS also has been ‘winning’. EOS is featured in almost all decent crypto exchanges. You can easily find and trade EOS token on Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex, and other big names in the crypto exchanges. At the time of this post writing, EOS has over $1.8 billion daily trading volume. It’s very liquid, and its trading volume can easily supports plenty of newcomers in the crypto industry who want to buy EOS token.

The competition of EOS involves other dApps platforms such as EthereumNEOTronOntologyIOST, and others. However, if we want to reduce the numbers to only the strongest competitors, Ethereum and Tron are the closest ones. Again, according to dappradar.com, both Ethereum and Tron have decent numbers and activities for their dApp statistics.

While Ethereum will fully utilize proof of stake once it completes the transition, Tron actually ‘borrows’ EOS concept of DPoS. It’s interesting to see which dApp platform will get the most users and activities in the next 5-10 years.


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EOS is one of the strongest blockchain platforms in the crypto industry. With massive funding that involves billions of dollars, Block.one has all the right tools to be one or even two steps ahead of its competitions. It seems EOS will remain in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap in the foreseeable future. EOS is not going anywhere, and it will gain even more popularity and adoption when crypto market matures. If its biggest ambition, Voice, can be successful and steal some market shares from Facebook, EOS will become much more mainstream.